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Nitor Apartments serves as the home for our ​Permanent Supportive Housing program (PSH). PSH enables people to become housed first and then work to regain control over their lives and their health in a safe, secure environment.  PSH  works because it combines quality affordable housing with an array of accessible support services.

Nitor Apartment residents have all of the typical rights and responsibilities of being a tenant. Each resident has a standard lease agreement to which they must comply. Residents receive comprehensive case management and other supportive services.


The PSH of Nitor Apartments is home to 16 one bedroom, fully furnished apartments. Residents have access to on-site laundry, vending machines, free parking, and weekly grocery shopping trips.

Nitor Apartments - PSH

Program Information

To be eligible for the Nitor Apartments - Permanent Supportive Housing Program residents:

  • Must meet HUD's definition of homeless.

  • Residents receive comprehensive case management seervice.

  • Follow HOME and SHP guidelines related to income limits and required documentation.

  • Highest acuity clients (per the community's HMIS Prioritization List) are offered units when available first. 

  • Must be willing to sign and follow the participation agreement.  This agreement requires case management, establishment of individualized goals, and obtaining financial security. 

  • Efforts are made annually to indemnify existing clients in this program that may be ready to transition to more "traditional" permanent housing situations to free up units for the highest acuity clients. 

Anyone desiring to enter the Nitor Apartments - Permanent Supportive Housing program can contact our office at  304.292.0101.

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